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A 24/7 industrial information assistant ready to respond to your requests in minutes

Send me part numbers, get immediate pricing and suppliers

For End Users

MachineAssist™ provides tools for industrial end users to save money and time.

  • Receive instantaneous information to part quotes

    Simply send or carbon copy any quote and we will scan the email for part numbers. MachineAssist™ will send information back to you immediately. This is especially helpful when looking for pricing for multiple part numbers.

  • Search our database

    Find information on part numbers and service providers near you, saving you time/money sourcing parts, equipment and services.

  • Receive on-demand expertise

    Simply ask MachineAssist™ a question and using artificial intelligence and human expertise, we will find articles, resources and vendors who can help you get immediate answers.

  • Skip the lines

    Often times vendors and suppliers do not respond fast enough to urgent requests. With MachineAssist™ Pro, we will help you find available vendors and hard to find parts. Additionally, we will connect you directly to the relevant employee instead of calling the main office line.

For Sellers

Manufacturers, distributors, dealers and others can sell more product and enhance communications.

  • Respond to customers faster

    MachineAssist™ watches your inbound email and is provides information based on email content. With MachineAssist™ technology, even create a bot that handles some customer requests automatically. MachineAssist™ can even provide customer information (size, revenue, etc.) directly to you in response to a quote request.

  • Place Targeted Marketing

    With MachineAssist™, you can promote against specific products and customer types. This hyper-targeted approach allows you to find long term customers instead of one-off purchases.

  • Find alternative sources

    Often customers will ask for products and services which you do not provide. Use MachineAssist™ to source and to find hard-to-find products/services.

  • Improve your online presence

    Content is king. Let MachineAssist™ help create content and update pricing for your online catalog. Our pricing algorithms and localization can help boost SEO, AdWords effectiveness and conversion.

Learn how we can help

Improve operations and grow sales

Easy to implement technology and services

  • Become a MachineAssist™ supplier, vendor or manufacturer

    List your services and products with MachineAssist™ to acquire new customers. Leverage hyper-targeting and single source bidding on projects.

  • Use MachineAssist™ technology to save time and money

    Purchasing, operations and customer service become more efficient and complete projects faster.

  • Share What You Know

    Become a MachineAssist™ expert, utilizing your expertise in conjunction with the latest artificial intelligence processes. Also, content producers (trade journals, etc.) can distribute their content on MachineAssist™

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