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  • Detailed pricing with links to suppliers
  • Unlimited pricing requests/month
  • Multi-User
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Improve operations and grow sales

Easy to implement technology and services

  • Become a MachineAssist™ supplier, vendor or manufacturer

    List your services and products with MachineAssist™ to acquire new customers. Leverage hyper-targeting and single source bidding on projects.

  • Use MachineAssist™ technology to save time and money

    Purchasing, operations and customer service become more efficient and complete projects faster.

  • Share What You Know

    Become a MachineAssist™ expert, utilizing your expertise in conjunction with the latest artificial intelligence processes. Also, content producers (trade journals, etc.) can distribute their content on MachineAssist™

Additional Professional Services

Automated Email Assistant

MachineAssist™ can analyze and respond to email requests, such as quotes. Identify part numbers in emails and supply pricing and sources in seconds.

Message Bot Development

Connect MachineAssist™ to your social media (such as Facebook). Customers can interact with you 24/7 via social media. For example, a customer can ask "Do you have part number X"? and MachineAssist™ will answer automatically for you.

Service, Product and Content Promotion

Sellers can target specific keywords, part numbers and geographies to sell more goods and services through our network and our vertical portals.

Website and Catalog Management

MachineAssist™ can populate data for your online catalog, manage catalog pricing and help generate content.

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